Salt Rock Lamps

Salt Rock Lamps – Improves the Quality Air

Are you looking for beautifully crafted Salt Rock Lamps from Himalayas? Worry not about this as your quest is answered. Salt Rock Lamps are available in our online store. The salt rock lamps displayed in our online store are wonderfully made which are great for interior settings giving off fantastic light accent.

What are Salt Rock Lamps?

Salt Rocks Lamps are lamps which are made from rock salts mined in the Himalayan mountain ranges. The large pieces of mined salt rocks are then carved and shaped into different forms and figures with hollow space to allow bulb or candle inside the lamp. Salt Rock lamps are said to improve air quality through emitting negative ions into the surrounding.

When salt rock lamps are heated, it emits negative ions which break down Sodium Chloride (NaCL). This process is known ionization which helps combat harsh elements that barrage our bodies causing us to feel unwell.

Salt Rock Lamps or Himalayan Salt Lamps have the following capabilities:

  • Helps return Mother Nature’s healing

  • Harmonize home and office environment

  • Known for their ability to release negative ions which are essential to our health and well being

  • Cleanse the air

  • Control the odor of the environment

  • Help eliminate odor around smoking areas, children’s room, and kitchen

  • Restore clean fresh air in the environment

  • Improve air quality by giving off negative ions

  • Helps improve concentration and refreshes feeling

  • Neutralize the effects of stress, artificial light and air environment

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